06/11/2018Từ Culture News

“… I have never seen this happen before in any construction company. This clearly shows the thoughtful attention of company’s board of directors to all the employees and individual employees. A meaningful job … 

….shared the owner of CJ Ha Nam. When he witnessed the program of cutting hair regularly for all employees and workers on the roadworks. The program “High Cut Hair” is a part of the movement “Perennial Bedding – High Cut Hair – Meet Salute – Standard Set” and  being implemented simultaneously on Hicon.

The program is not just about cutting hair on demand for all employees and workers on the construction site every month, not just about creating a civilized lifestyle. For the entire staff of Hicon employees, this also shows the sincere care of the management of the company to the daily life of employees. As we look deeper into the content of the movement, people will find great significance in the concrete actions to preserve and promote the beauty of the nature of Hicon culture.

With a view : Person-centered, cultivating a foundation for the development.
Workers at Hicon are interested in specific issues of daily life. A stable, disciplined life of all employees on each site.
A style shows individual’s level and is very civilized. From the warm greetings of colleagues to the cordial handshake .That is the foundation of solidarity, understanding, sharing and the basis of all success.
Yes, thank you for a beautiful business culture.